As Paul O’Malley in Groundwork

"I saw over twenty performances this summer from performers all over the country.  Groundwork was better than any of them."  

- Judy Feinberg


“Michael is one of the most astonishing,memorable actors I have ever seen. From his first surprising cough/bark he had the audience entirely and keenly focused and he didn't let them go. His amazing physical kinetics and his powerful vocal virtuosity are unparalleled in my memory. Reverberating, super-masculine lows, emotive narrative, instantaneous, authentic character creation!  WHAT an ACTOR!  A real event, a super experience.”             

- Lowell Hayes


“Had the pleasure of seeing this show last night. A truly magnificent piece of theatre with exquisite acting, direction, writing and dinosaurs, even a Jurassic Park reference, what's not to love?? A great way to spend your evening...” 

- Jack Lafferty


As Sam Peliczowski in Fully Committed

“Fully Committed, now playing at The Barter Theatre’s Stage II, is an hilarious one-man comic circus.  Mike Ostroski holds nothing back in his unforgettably funny, almost breathtakingly frenetic, altogether right-on performance in this wickedly clever satire of New Yorkers...And what makes it so much fun is that the pizzazz depends, not on fancy lighting and visual effects, but almost entirely on the talent, versatility, and energy of Ostroski who plays forty different roles all distinctive and a theatrical acrobat, all evening long Ostroski flips instantaneously back and forth from being Sam to being the person at the other end of the line.”

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


As Jacob Anderson in Shenandoah

“One of the finest performances is from a long drink of water named Mike Ostroski, who has a rare quality so naturalistic that it reminds the viewer others are acting.  I haven’t been this impressed in a young male Barter actor since I don’t know when -- very unique and commendable, Sir.”

- Rob Weisfeld, The Abingdon Virginian


As Whizzer in Falsettos

“The object of Marvin’s love is a handsome young gay man named Whizzer, a role Mike Ostroski performs most impressively.  As the story develops, Ostroski takes Whizzer from a likeable, hedonistic jock, to one whose fate eventually demands a courage he never dreamed of needing...I doubt I will soon forget the haunting look on Whizzer’s face as he is wheeled into the darkness.”

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


As Jamie Wellerstein in The Last Five Years

“The performers are superb.  Seana Hollingsworth is a wise yet vulnerable Cathy: Mike Ostroski is every young man on the make, full of energy and optimism as he charges up Fool’s Hill.  Both actors have great charm, excellent voices with plenty of power and control, ideally suited to the intimate space of Barter II.  All the dialogue is sung, and all the songs are beautifully crafted.  This is a show which is worth more than one visit.”

- Gary Aday


“Barter’s production of the show offers two excellent performances by Resident Acting Company Members Seana Hollingworth and Mike Ostroski.  Hollingsworth and Ostroski are both called upon to bare their souls as these characters open up and sing about their feelings...  Ostroski...does a great job as Jamie.  He brings an amazing energy to the role.  Jamie’s songs include a number of very strong rock-sounding numbers and Ostroski does a fantastic job with them.  He’s also able to be tender and moving in other songs.  I thought he did a particularly good job with “Shiksa Goddess” -- a very funny, exuberant song sung by Jamie upon first meeting Cathy.  Ostroski has to really sing out and fight for the audience’s attention on this song because Hollingsowrith has just finished overwhelming them with “Still [Hurting]”.  I know I was resistant to hearing or liking Jamie when he first began singing.  By the time he’s finished with “Shiksa Goddess,” I’m willing to like him.  Ostroski even handles Jamie’s monumental ego and makes him as funny and likable as possible.  Ostroski is also moving and funny in the outstanding folktale/song, “The Schmuel Song.”  This scene is one of the highlights of the show.  Ostroski had me crying during the proposal and wedding scene when he and Hollingsworth sing “The Next Ten Minutes.”  And, in one of the rare scenes with spoken dialogue, Ostroski is very moving as Jamie reads from his book, describing his wife.”

- Carlotta Cooper


As Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“As Chief Bromden, Mike Ostroski projects the blend of fear, vulnerability and latent strength which make this character compelling.”

- Gary Aday, Washington County News


“Mike Ostroski proves once again his versatility as Chief Bromden, the giant Indian who probably more than any of the other inmates, including McMurphy, has the system figured out, and how, when the time comes, takes what may be the only sane, albeit illegal, action in the story.”

- Robert McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier


As Franklin D. Roosevelt in Eleanor: An American Love Story

“Franklin [is] played by Mike Ostroski with tremendous presence and careful attention to the nuances of this fascinating character...[Heidi Meyer as Eleanor Roosevelt] and Ostroski...create electrifying, unfortgettable performances.  Their powerful, spine-tingling duet “If We Go On” swells to concentrate the dramatic tension inherent in the intertwining of two such strong personalities.”

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


“Mike Ostroski turns in a nearly perfect depiction of the aristocratic FDR.”

- Robert L. McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier/Virginia-Tennessean


As Dr. Jason Posner in Wit

“The cast is fabulous...Mike Ostroski is exuberant in his pursuit of medical data in the role of Dr. Posner.”

- Lynn McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier/Virginia-Tennessean


As Jesus in Godspell

“Mike Ostroski [bears] the dramatic weight of the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemene, and the Crucifixion scenes squarely on his shoulders.  Fortunately, he does so in a convincing, often moving way.  Surely it is Ostroski’s powerful traditional performance, not the contemporaneous style or comedy, which has the best chance of endendering in one a “religious experience.””

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


As Will Parker in Oklahoma!

“Well-loved songs plus dances and courting and drama - what could be missing but comic relief?  That’s where Ado Annie...and her earnest cowboy courter Will Parker, played with dash and enthusiasm by Mike Ostroski, come in.”

- Lynn McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier/Virginia-Tennessean


“...[Ado Annie] has trouble deciding between two suitors.  One is a naive cowboy, played by Mike Ostroski with tremendous energy, who offers a highly entertaining version of...”Kansas City.””

- Warren Harris, Washington County News


As Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady

“And Mike Ostroski brings just the right bumbling innocence to his portrayal of the upper-class twit Freddy Eyensford-Hill...Most of the songs in My Fair Lady are best described as clever or amusing.  But some go further.  Ostroski gives a moving rendition of the beautiful number “On the Street Where You Live.””

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


“Mike Ostroski’s rendition of “On the Street Where You Live” should satisfy any lover of this fine old piano bench chestnut.”

- Robert L. McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier / Virginia-Tennessean


As Thomas Jefferson in 1776

“Tall, red-wigged Mike Ostroski sang, danced, and acted his roll of the reluctant Jefferson with enormous grace, conviction and charm.”

- Charlotte Nolan, Harlan Daily Enterprise


As Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“...the stage-struck Nick Bottom, is played with...tremendous energy by Michael Ostroski.”

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


As Tommy Albright in Brigadoon

“Michael Ostroski as the male lead sets a fine example, playing most convincingly and engagingly the role of Tommy, a naive American undergoing a life-changing experience...[Josephine Hall (as Fiona) and Ostroski’s] second act duet “From this Day On” is an affecting blend of two fine, complementary voices, and a fitting culmination to the show.”

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


As Johnny Carroll in WMKS: Christmas, 1942

“Director John Hardy has assembled an ideal cast for this production...Mike Ostroski, a veteran of more sophisticated Barter musicals, turnsout to be an excellent country singer and is entirely credible as the Carrolls’ son, a country boy who’s discovered the attractions of a bigger world.”

- Gary Aday, Washington County News


As The Nephew in A Christmas Carol

“Michael Ostroski, who also plays Young Scrooge and a Businessman, is full of energy and fun as the Nephew.”

- David Dow Bentley III, Washington County News


As Healthcliff in Wuthering Heights

“Michael a very believable Heathcliff.”

- Robert McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier / Virginia-Tennessean


As Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe in Smoke on the Mountain

“Mike Ostroski shows Barter audiences yet another facet of his acting skills in the role of the serious though somewhat insecure young minister, Reverend Oglethorpe...[consistently] capturing the transparently humorous anxiety of th eyoung minister trying to keep his congregation happy...  As a master of ceremonies, [Mike] carries the action along with his usual high energy, facial expressiveness, and excellent comic sense.”

- Warren M. Harris, Washington County News


“Mike Ostroski...has a singing voice as good as any you will hear anywhere.”

- Robert L. McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier / Virginia-Tennessean


As Sir Percy Blakeney in The Scarlet Pimpernel

“Good ol’ Mike Ostroski is just perfectly fitted for the role of Percy Blakeney, the Scarlet Pimpernel himself...”

- Robert L. McKinney, Bristol Herald Courier


“The cast of The Scarlet Pimpernel is exellent.  Mike Ostroski as Sir Percy is at once a dashing romantic hero and a remarkable comedian.  Percy’s constant tweaking of his French Adversary, the dour Chauvelin, rises to epic comic levels until it seems at times that Ostroski is almost ad libbing.  Ostroski’s scenes with Melissa Owens, as Marguerite, are touching, even wrenching to watch, as Percy thinks his wife supports the Revolution.  Ostroski’s singing is also very enjoyable, especially in the stirring “Into the Fire” with Percy’s gang; his duets with Marguerite; his beautiful solo “She Was There”; “The Riddle” with Marguerite and Chauvelin; and the remarkable “The Creation of Man” in which Sir Percy and his atttempting-to-be-foppish-friends pull out...the stops with their colorful, highly-patterned wardrobe and their mannerisms.”

- Carlotta Cooper,


“Mike Ostroski is, as regular audience members at Barter have come to expect, a true joy to watch in the lead role, as well as being occasionally reminiscent of Leslie Howard’s portrayal of the character - a compliment not to be taken lightly.”

- Jim Quesenberry


As Eilif in Mother Courage and Her Children

“Mike Ostroski, as Mother Courage’s big, strong son, Eilif, is very good.  Eilif is a troubling character and Ostroski doesn’t back off from his warlike tendencies.”

- Carlotta Cooper,


As Fred Gailey in Miracle on 34th Street

“Mike Ostroski is, as we have come to expect, simply outstanding as Fred Gaily.”

- Jim Quesenberry


As Norman Bartholomew in Murderer

“Murderer takes us into the life of a struggling malcontent Norman Bartholomew, played to psychopathic perfection by Barter veteran Mike Ostroski...”

- Jim Quesenberry


“Michael Ostroski, as Norman Bartholomew, is genuinely frightening in his psychopathic near-complete lack of expressed emotions as he methodically butchers and burns.”

- Robert McKinney